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Financial, Securities and Investment Professional Severance Agreements

At Lax & Neville LLP, our team of lawyers can assist you in reviewing your severance agreement, also referred to as separation agreements, employment termination agreements and release agreements. We can also negotiate with your former employer to potentially increase the amount of severance pay that you are being offered.

Our firm has reviewed countless severance packages offered in the financial services industry and successfully negotiated significant increases in the amount of severance paid to our clients, including severance packages offered to investment bankers, traders, analysts, senior managers, portfolio managers, hedge fund managers, retail brokers, private bankers, investment advisors, institutional salespersons and senior-level personnel.

When we take on your representation, we will conduct an extensive review of the terms of the severance agreement and examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your termination to determine if you have any possible legal claims against your former employer for wrongful termination, unpaid compensation, or otherwise. Additionally, we will determine if any revisions need to be made to the severance agreement and negotiate such terms with your former employer when necessary. Hiring experienced counsel is absolutely necessary before executing the severance agreement as they will typically contain language releasing any potential claims or causes of action against the employer. Severance agreements may also contain confidentiality terms, non-disparagement terms and restrictive covenants that place affirmative obligations on the employees post-termination. Lax & Neville LLP has significant experience guiding its clients through these terms and explaining all of the ramifications of executing such severance agreements.

If your employer has provided you with a severance agreement, you may be able to negotiate the severance package being offered and increase the amount of severance pay you are going to receive. Contact Lax & Neville LLP for a free consultation.

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