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Commercial Litigation

At Lax & Neville LLP, our commercial litigation practice is staffed by seasoned professions and focuses on servicing our clients in all respects. We have experience resolving commercial disputes either through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or a jury trial in federal or state court. When the case requires it, our attorneys have also successfully prosecuted and defended appeals in both state and federal appellate courts. Our Firm’s boutique commercial litigation practice allows us to serve our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. Generally, we represent individuals and businesses in a wide range of general commercial matters including:

  • Commercial Contracts and Transactional Disputes: Our partners have decades of combined experience successfully representing parties in complex commercial litigation in both state and federal courts. Many of our past cases involve successful trial representation or a favorable negotiated settlement agreement.

  • Corporate, LLC and Partnership Disputes: Sometimes, during the course of a business relationship, conflicts may arise that put the partnership in jeopardy. Our team at Lax & Neville has successfully negotiated resolutions to these disputes and have prosecuted or defended dissolution actions in state court or arbitration.

  • International Arbitrations (AAA): An increasingly large amount of commercial disputes are resolved through arbitration. Indeed, the speed, efficiency and privacy of arbitration may make it the preferred method of resolving business disputes, whether they arises internationally or domestically. Our attorneys are familiar with the rules specific to arbitral forums and the governing law. We know how to choose the right tribunal and advocate for our clients through a final hearing.

  • Defamation (Slander and Libel): False statements, whether made verbally or in writing, have the potential to seriously damage one’s professional reputation. Our team at Lax & Neville LLP has successfully prosecuted and defended claims for defamation and libel of a professional’s business reputation.

  • Appellate Litigation: Sometimes, the trial court will make an error that has a devastating effect on your claim or defense. There may be circumstances when a party can appeal that decision to a higher court. If that appeal is granted, the appellate court will correct the earlier mistake. However, the appellate process can be very complicated. The experienced appellate attorneys at Lax & Neville LLP have successfully brought and defended appeals in both state and federal courts.

Our attorneys have widespread experience in handling simple and complex commercial matters from beginning to end. We are proactive in determining our clients’ options and strategies to optimize the possibility of a successful outcome. Our analytical skills allows our attorneys to assess all of the potential risks, costs, benefits and disadvantages of a particular litigation strategy and look a step ahead towards each possible outcome. This skill allows us to work towards an effective and satisfactory resolution for our clients. Our team has a reputation for successful advocacy and is ready to protect your interests. We will not stop working for you.

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