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Commercial Contracts and Transactional Disputes

Our Team at Lax & Neville LLP has experience representing parties in commercial contract claims and transactional disputes. A successful representation of parties in complex commercial litigation requires a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business goals and a clear vision of how to achieve those goals through litigation, and that is what we offer our clients at Lax & Neville LLP.

Our boutique commercial litigation firm located in New York City services individuals, family offices, institutional investors, financial services professionals and financial and investment firms. Our commercial litigation practice covers a broad range of business disputes affecting our clients from simple business disputes to more complex matters. We have an in-depth understanding of the financial services, securities and investment industries, as well as the specific rules, regulations, and controlling law, and can provide representation in a cost-effective way.

Our attorneys do not look to settle cases; instead we prepare each case for trial from the case’s inception. However, at each crucial point in the litigation, we dutifully advise our clients of how each potential strategy will affect their larger business goals and short term litigation goals. Knowing that we are prepared for trial can make us a formidable opponent. We believe that our willingness to go to trial helps our clients in potential settlement negotiations.

We understand that every individual and business’s goals are unique. Our firm designs and implements our litigation strategy to complement the specific needs of our clients. If you have any question regarding a potential commercial contract or transaction dispute. Please contact Lax & Neville LLP for a consultation.

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